Trade & Industry

We have 40 years experience excelling for clients in a variety of Trade & Industry sectors, it's our specialty. Whether you are a sole tradesman or well established contracting firm, we have the markets, knowledge and enthusiasm to excel for you.


We understand the construction business and your cover needs, for you to run a well protected and efficient firm. Construction projects can be dangerous for your employees, surveyors, inspectors, and the public, irrespective of the safety measure put in place. At E G Murray we only deal with trusted insurers, providing comprehensive cover which responds well in the event of a claim. Our construction insurance solutions are bespoke to your particular needs. We never compromise on quality or competitiveness.

We will recommend covers to protect not just your business, but your livelihood and personal assets, should any claims be made against you.


Your engineering insurance needs careful planning and design. From the construction and machinery risks associated with your engineering processes and your reliance on technology, your cover needs to be bespoke. 

At E G Murray we understand the risks your business faces, but you know your business best. We will work with you to create an insurance solution that meets your business needs, taking into account the intricacies of your engineering process as well as your well established relationships with sub-contractors and other associate firms.


The complex range of risks associated with working in manufacturing, means that sourcing an insurance solution designed for your business can prove challenging. E G Murray have 40 years experience of meeting that challenge.

Your business will face many day to day issues. These may include costs associated with the breakdown of custom made machinery, the fluctuation in currencies for imports and exports, health and safety of your employees and the general public as well as other risks such as theft, fire and flood. 

Our team will take the time to understand the uniqueness of your business, and design a tailor made solution to suit your needs.


E G Murray have specialised in tradesmen and building professionals for 40 years. Your specialist trade needs much more attention than a standard online policy offers. Our independence and expertise enables us to tailor a broad range of quotes to your needs and recommend the policy that best suits your insurance and price requirements. As a local and trusted insurance professional, we'll take the headache and hassle out of arranging your insurance, giving you peace of mind to focus on your trade.

Services to Consider

For those involved in Trade & Industry there are a number of our services that may be of interest. Key considerations include: