Food & Drink

Food and Drink is Scotland's largest manufacturing sector. It is also one of the most diverse and complex. Our clients have complex risk profiles, so we design sophisticated insurance programmes to fully protect both your business and personal assets and earnings. With 40 years experience, we offer a professional service with a personal touch.

Changing consumer behaviour such as the movement towards low-cost retailers, online shopping and higher engagement with social media, means food and drink companies must be innovative to succeed in this challenging environment. Successful companies innovate across all processes such as manufacturing, supply chain, packaging and branding.

Traditional liability and business interruption risks are growing in complexity. In addition to this, evolving risks such as commodity price rises, brand and reputational damage, product recall, supply chain disruption, commercial contracts, regulatory change, and environmental risks create a greater duty of care and add to the burden and cost of insurance and risk management. We will design a specialist solution to meet your complex needs.

Our industry knowledge combined with our claims and insurance placement expertise means that E G Murray can protect you from traditional and emerging business exposures.

Services to Consider

E G Murray offer a comprehensive range of services for Food and Drinks companies. Key products and services for you to consider include: