Workplace Pensions

A workplace pension is a group pension scheme set up by employers providing an individual pension policy for each member of staff, into which regular contributions can be made directly from your payroll.

Since the introduction of Automatic Enrolment, employers must make a workplace pension scheme meeting certain criteria (called Qualifying Workplace Pension Schemes) to all members of staff, make a payment into it at each payroll date, along with a contribution from employees deducted directly from their pay.

Once paid in, the money belongs to the staff member and will begin to build up a pot of money they can convert to an income in retirement. 

There is a wide variety of schemes available for you to chose from, each with their own specific features. We will put you in touch with professionals to discuss your business requirements, identify the best scheme for you, and negotiate the best possible terms for you. They will then take care of the paperwork and provide you with all you need in order to manage the scheme on an ongoing basis, or if you would prefer, manage it for you.

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