Group Protection

An insurance policy which provides essential protection against misfortune for your employees and those who rely on them. Some schemes can even manage your absentees, and help them return to work sooner.

Group Death In Service

Providing your staff with life cover is a great way to add value to your benefits package. Cover through a Group Death in Service scheme is cheaper to arrange than a collection of individual policies meaning the perception of what you provide is of higher value than the actual cost to your business.

Your scheme is established around a set of criteria which you control, and any employees who meet them are automatically covered. New starters are automatically included, and leavers removed meaning you only ever pay for the cover you need, and the costs are tax deductible making this a very cost effective, valued element of any benefits package.

Group Income Protection

A scheme which pays an ongoing income to your staff in the event of them suffering a long term illness or injury. This is clearly a valuable benefit to any member of staff as it protects their standard of life. However, it can benefit your business even more. Having a third party with a vested interest in helping your staff return to work fit and able to contribute to your business again can be invaluable.

Most insurers have dedicated absentee support services which will help counsel and rehabilitate your staff back to full fitness and return to work where possible. Your insurer has a vested interest in helping employees stay well, help them early on if they aren't, and get them back to work safely, quickly, feeling valued and supported by your business.

Services to Consider

We offer a range of business and personal services. Key considerations include: