Taxi Operators

E G Murray has covered fleets of all sizes for over 40 years. With vast experience of handling insurance policies for a wide range of companies, we can help to simplify your insurance arrangements while offering great value cover.

Taxi Operators

We understand that your fleet may be made up of all sorts of vehicles. That’s why our insurance solutions can cover saloons, hatchbacks, people carriers, minibuses and even coaches. We can also cover any number of vehicles.

Whether you're escorting an elderly person to the door, doing a local authority contract for school kids or on the late shift helping passengers after a night out, you'll be familiar with the range of situations drivers can find themselves in as a taxi operator. Liability insurance can ensure your passengers are protected whenever in your care or control.

Covers to Consider

E G Murray offer a comprehensive range of services for Taxi Operators and benefits for your drivers. Key products and services for you to consider include: