What makes us different?

We understand that you need to be able to trust us, and to have absolute faith in what we do. Like we have from all of our existing clients, we know we will earn that trust from you over time. We also know that promise alone isn’t enough, so we considered our business model very carefully, and put our money where our mouth is in more ways than one.

We do not charge percentage fees. Advice fees which relate only to the value of your investments create inherent biases leading to poor decisions. Our fee relates only to the work you need us to do and we have a range of services you can choose from, all with fixed fees based on the work involved to do our job properly. All of our clients are equally important to us and can expect the same attention to detail.

We buy the technology we need to provide a service you can rely on. Advisers can access similar technology for free by recommending one product provider over another, at your cost. We pay for and carefully select independent technology, so you can be sure that our only consideration is whats best for you.

Our success depends on building long lasting relationships with our clients. This provides you with accountability and regular service. It is not enough to help you establish your long term financial goals, we see them through with you.

We are committed to professional development. Every adviser must keep up to speed with changes in the industry by law. We believe that should be the least our clients expect, so in addition to this, we have set our sights on achieving Chartered Financial Planner status in 2017. Watch this space!

We put our own money where yours is. Our personal savings are invested using the same considerations, research and  investment process that we put in place for you.