Auto Enrolment

Automatic Enrolment is as much about your payroll process as it is about the pension scheme. We can help you with both, and can work alongside your accountant to make sure you get the very best for your staff, at the lowest possible cost, with minimum fuss.

Your Scheme

We have an 'off the shelf' package which meets all the regulatory requirements and is great for your staff. It can be set up quickly and easily with very little cost and can integrate with payroll software such as Sage making it easy for your accounts administrator, or accountant, to manage for you. A truly no fuss option which has become very popular.

Alternatively where your needs are more complex, or you would like a scheme which differentiates your employee benefits package, we can source the market for the best solution meeting your specifications implement and it on your behalf with minimal fuss.

Your Ongoing Duties

The most time consuming and critical element of Automatic Enrolment is adapting your existing payroll process to meet the new requirements. Small errors can become very costly to correct so automating the process wherever possible is strongly advisable. If your payroll is outsourced to a 3rd party, it is important that you understand how they intend to manage the risk for you as the responsibility to get it right falls on you as the employer. If you manage your payroll internally there are many solutions out there to help. Our 'off the shelf' package can help with this, as can most payroll software providers. Either way, you have complete flexibility over the service you want from us. We can set up your scheme as a stand alone service then hand over to your accountant or accounts department, or we can deliver an end to end service with a single point of contact providing full ongoing support.

Your Staff

Many of your staff will be joining a pension scheme for the first time. Some may have built up savings through previous employment or through private plans, and may all be going through the Automatic Enrolment process for the first time. Each will have questions they will expect you to answer. We can support them through our Financial Planning services which can be tailored to suit everyone's individual needs. By simply promoting us within your business you will be seen to be giving them a little extra help, enhancing the value of your benefits package at no cost to your business. Alternatively, you could arrange to subsidise the cost for them if you'd like to offer a more executive package.

Services to Consider

We offer a range of business and personal services. Key considerations include: